The FRGS online application will  open from 1 June 2010 (Tuesday) through the MOHE portal. However, it is imperative that all proposals submitted online have gone through two stages of peer reviews in order to minimise incomplete and "non fundamental" proposals. RMI hope that all faculties, branch campuses and independent Centres of Excellence will plan their research proposal activities by encouraging all lecturers to apply.

We advise that everyone go through the peer review process at their faculty/campus/CoE level manually (using the FRGS 2/2009 form) as well as the peer review process at RMI and complete the suggested upgrade and amendments before submitting the applications online.

We hope that everyone will work together and deliver as many proposals as we can to secure more research grants in line with UiTM's aspiration to be a Research University

Kindly follow the deadlines listed below to facilitate the FRGS submission process:

 1 Submission deadline for research proposals in hard copy at Faculty/Campus/CoE level to Deputy Deans/Deputy Directors (research & Innovation)/CoE Directors
MANUAL  (Stage 1)
11 June 2010 Faculties / Campuses / CoEs
 2 Research Proposal Peer Review at Faculty/Campus/CoE level using hard copies 11-14 June 2010 Faculties / Campuses / CoEs
 3 Research Proposal amendments based on peer review comments using hard copies 15-17 June 2010 Researchers
 4 Submission of Research Proposals to RMI for 2nd  stage peer review (hard copies)
MANUAL (Stage 2)
18 June 2010 RMI
 5 Final Screening
Research Proposal amendments based on final screening comments (if any) with researchers using hard copies
21-25 June 2010 RMI/Researchers
 6 Online FRGS submission through MOHE portal 22-30 June 2010  Researchers
 7 Online verification process 01-14 July 2010 RMI




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